Carol Austen

Principal/ Sales Agent

About me

Carol has always had a passion for real estate, going thirds in her first rental home when she was 16. The Whitman St property cost all of $25,000 and sold for $34,000 how things have changed.

That passion has not faded but become a career choice for Carol that she has excelled in. Previously working in other real estate agencies Carol decided to open her own agency, Cap Coast Property.

If you are looking for an agent that is easy to get on with, will be honest about the market and will not give you unrealistic expectations on the suggested listing price. Carol will do her best to find a buyer and achieve the best price for the current market while giving you regular feedback along the way.

Carol will provide advice on the small things that could be done to maximise the chance of a sale by coming in with fresh eyes and noticing things the vendor/s may not.

So if you're after an honest, trustworthy agent who has your best interest at heart, call Carol today and talk to a real local today!